Sunday, February 05, 2006


I think my due date is 2/14 but the RE thinks it's 2/16 - not sure why or how they did that but in any case it is SOON! or maybe not for 4 weeks.

All is well, I think we've got enough stuff, I froze a lot of soup and..... best of all.... I'm in the running for a new job. Not a better job by any means but a job where people might actually speak to me and be nice. At this point in my life my psyche is more important than my ambition and I'm sure with a babe that will be even more true. Plus the future job possibility has on-site day care and the current one does not.

I've been reading birth stories on the internet but they range from the 3 hour labor to 48 hours with everything in-between so it's not exactly helpful.

dénouement is on its way.... stay tuned


At 6:05 PM, Blogger Reesh said...

What really helped for me in labour was deep breathing during contracions and concentrating on breathing. During the pushing stage short deep breaths all the way thru my body really seemed to help. I read a million birth stories as well and now that I've been thru it myslef, it's hard to say if any of them helped or not. Hope your waiting period is peaceful and relaxed...


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